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In addition to consulting services, TechKnowPartners also offers unified communications solutions through network telephony, hardware, and software products.

Hard products

TechKnowPartners provides routers, load balancers, internet security appliances, servers, workstations, and network telephony products through its relationship with various technology partners.

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TechKnowPartners‘ Primerserve line of servers are intended for small user groups, whereas the Progreserve line are for enterprise use.

Soft products

TechKnowPartners provides webhosting and related application software products, such as customer relationship management systems, content management systems, and other related software, to existing clients.  We offer business management software to new and existing clients.

Partner relationships

TechKnowPartners maintains partner relationships with Crexendo, Dell, and Plantronics for Information Technology hardware and software.

We maintain relationships with Nimble Accounting for retail, restaurant, and professional services accounting software.

We maintain a relationship with Spire Systems for manufacturing and distribution business management software.

Intellectual capital

TechKnowPartners also offers certain intellectual capital products to clients and to the general public on a fee or free basis:

Intellectual Property

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