I/E (Individualpreneurship and Enterpriship)

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TechKnowParters has licensed intellectual property from Business Leadership Development Corporation (BLD) for use in its business/technology practice (B/T). BLD has developed two concepts: individualpreneurship and enterpriship (entrepreneurship, leadership, and management), which are of value to entrepreneurs and business owners. Collectively, we call these concepts I/E.

Individualpreneurship (individual entrepreneurship)

A discipline, mindset, and activity whereby an individual (the "individualpreneur") behaves as an enterprise in their own right, and is fully responsible for both professional and personal income generation and expense management.


The process of building enterprises with sustainable advantage, and has a framework of three-related disciplines: entrepreneurship, leadership, and management - "Enterpriship" is derived from four words: management, leadership, enterprise, entrepreneurship.

Through its licensing arrangement with BLD, TechKnowPartners is presenting many materials regarding
Individualpreneurship and Enterpriship on this site.

These include:
The Guide To Business Leadership Development

BLD has published two books that contain selections of this material: "
Understanding Personal Styles" and "The Individual As An Enterprise," that are available in TechKnowPartners retail store.

Articles - Individualpreneurship and enterpriship:


Why Individualpreneurship?

The Notion Of An Individual As An Enterprise

Changing Trends In Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, and Employment

Serial Entrepreneurship, Multipreneurship, Individualpreneurship, and The Self-Reliant Career

Balancing Inter-Personal Skills With Professional Skills

Understanding Individual Competencies To Build Successful Personal and Professional Relationships

Applying Individual Competencies To Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Investment Activities

Using Communication Styles That Entertain, Inform, Convince and Persuade Effectively

Delivering Memorable Speeches and Presentations

Introduction to Enterpriship:

Enterpriship - The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Management

Credo For Success - The Enterpriship Model For Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Management

The Enterpriship Manifesto - Seven Guiding Principles For Building Enterprises and Societies

Highlights of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management - The Disciplines of Enterpriship

What Disciplines Do Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Enterprise Owners, and Executives Really Have to Know?

Building Sustainable Advantage:

The Framework For Building Sustainable Advantage

Building Sustainable Advantage From Vision to Value

Enterprise Styles - Lifestyle and Upwardly Mobile

Enterprises, Entities and All That

Characteristics Of Corporations, Enterprises, Companies, and Businesses

Stewardship - The Responsibility For the Performance of an Enterprise and the Delivery of Value

Intrapreneurship - Fostering Change Within Established Enterprises

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Role - Transforming Innovative Ideas Into Value

Exploring the Leadership Role - Setting Direction That Others Will Follow to Achieve Results

Exploring the Managerial Role - Applying Resources to Activities to Achieve Results

Strength of the Management Team - The Key to Attracting Investors

Culture - The Consequence of Governance and the Team at the Top

Ideation - It's a Great Idea For Transforming Innovation Into Value

Strategy to Budget - Seven Types of Plans For Building Sustainable Advantage

Strategic Positioning From Point to Point

Narrowing The Gap - Formulating Constituency-Based Strategy

Values-Based Governance Disciplines - A Three-Legged Stool

Living the Values - Walking the Talk

Values, Purpose and Direction - Building Aspirational Advantage

Guiding Principles For Achieving Performance Excellence

Evaluating Opportunities and Threats - Three Key Questions

Organizing Functional Knowledge and Technical Skills to Deliver Value

Constituencies - Enterprises Can't Exist Without Them

Constituency Advantage - Competitive, Collaborative, and Cooperative

Architecting Processes From Beginning to End

Products And/Or Services - Defining "Service-Oriented" Products and the Related Role of Technology

Product and Enterprise Institutionalization - Striving to Last Indefinitely

Playing to Win - Strategy to Build Competitive, Collaborative, and Cooperative Advantage

The Duplicable Principle - Earning Value Through Growth Reliably

Utilizing Capital Effectively - The Foundation For Building Sustainable Advantage

The Basic Language of Value

Understanding Financial, Managerial, and Regulatory Accounting and Reporting Concepts

A Simple Time Management Framework For CEOs - Focused Selectively, Engaged Exhaustively

Navigating the Enterprise Development Life Cycle

Migrating Through the Change Response Cycle From Comfort Zone to Comfort Zone

Criteria For Sustainability - Are Decisions Responsible - Environmentally? Economically? Socially?

Systematizing the Debt Collection Process

Data Arteries - Enabling Business Strategy Through Information Technology


The Individual Or The Enterprise - Seven Key Factors For Building Relationships

Building Strong Relationships - Four Stages of Development, Four Phases of Connection

Appointed and Emergent Leaders - Competence, Commitment, and Respect

Principles of Self Management - Strengthening Anticipation, Deliberation, and Stress Tolerance

Two Levels of Leadership - "Big Picture" and "Task"

The Case For Teamwork - Together Everyone Achieves More

Striving For Excellence Through High Performance Teams

Self Motivation - Leaders Can't Lead Without It

Building and Maintaining Team Motivation and Momentum

Association, Opportunity, Incentives, and Fear - How Leadership and Sales Disciplines are Related

The Enterprise on Stage - Performing in the Service Theater

Hiring Employees For Cafes and Restaurants - Three Key Questions

Project management:

The Hi-Spot Review For Quick Situation Assessments and Direction Setting

Ingredients For an Effective Project Proposal

A Quick Overview Of Project Management

A Quick Overview Of Project Accounting

A Quick Overview Of The Earned Value Concept

Outline For A Business Plan For Financing

Examining The Due Diligence Checklist

Financial Performance Measures

Enterprise Function Model

School Education In The Global Information Economy

The Omnibus Language Of Value

Three Secrets To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur