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TechKnowPartners is a leader in business/technology services. TechKnowPartners provides a complete business/technology solutions portfolio that includes a broad range of products and services - collectively, we call this solutions portfolio B/T, which is our competitive advantage:

We offer the "Primerserve" and "Progreserve" packages to small-to-medium sized businesses. These packages combine network telephony platforms
and small business servers with a hosted CRM system to provide a turnkey solution. We offer the Cygnus, Scorpius, Orion, and FailSafe™ network telephony products from VoIPstar Systems. When businesses are ready for colocation and the cloud, we can offer migration services to datacenters. We offer web hosting through our Host Star service.

We have solutions for:
  • Micro home-based business enterprises
  • Small professional and medical offices
  • Educational institutions (both academic and vocational)
  • Light manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses
  • Construction, maintenance, and repair businesses
  • Customer call and contact centers
  • Non-profits

Leasing is available on VoIPstar's Cygnus, Scorpius, Orion, and FailSafe™ products, and our Primerserve and Progreserve product packages.

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