The Enterpriship Manifesto - Seven Guiding Principles For Building Enterprises and Societies

Enterpriship is the art and science of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management - disciplines for building enterprises and societies. The enterpriship manifesto for building enterprises and societies is characterized by seven guiding principles: equality, education, environment, energy, economy, employment, and effectiveness.


Enterpriship is the process of building enterprises with sustainable advantage. Enterpriship is both an art and a science. Art is an occupation that requires both knowledge and skills; science is method for systematizing knowledge. Through both knowledge and skills, enterpriship provides a systematized approach to building sustainable enterprises within a framework of three related disciplines: entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.

Sustainable means being able to continue over time, either by developing, enhancing, or maintaining the current state, or by changing it. Advantage means favorable, superior, and beneficial.

Entrepreneurship is a competency for starting, developing, and assuming risk for an enterprise. Leadership is a competency for aspiring, inspiring, and motivating others. Management is a competency for directing and controlling events and activities - management as a "team" has the authority and responsibility for the enterprise.

The entrepreneurial role is about transforming innovating ideas into value. The leadership role is about setting direction that others will follow through influence to get results. The managerial role is about applying resources to activities to achieve results.

The word "enterprise" means "undertake for a prize or cause." One could argue that a society is a metaenterprise, representing the social relationships of all people in a community, and their wants, needs, and causes. Therefore, the enterpriship disciplines are also applicable to building societies.

A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions - the "Enterpriship Manifesto" is a declaration of intentions to build both enterprises and societies based upon seven guiding principles:

  • Equality - treating everybody in the same way
  • Education - enabling everybody to reach their full potential academically, professionally, and vocationally so as to act responsibly
  • Environment - striving for sustainability for both current and future generations with clean air, water, and soil
  • Energy - searching for sources that do not waste or pollute resources
  • Economy - striving for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of opportunities for production and distribution of goods and services that meet or exceed the needs, wants, and causes of constituents
  • Employment - participating in the process of production and distribution of goods and services for others as a basis for providing for oneself and dependents
  • Effectiveness - acting efficiently and productively to earn results with quality

The enterpriship disciplines rely upon the competencies of individuals and the capabilities of people, processes, and products and services to deliver results; and the utilization of natural, human, financial, and intellectual capital to produce income and create opportunity and wealth for all constituents.

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